Monday, May 30, 2011

And now, the end is near......or is it?

Well the world didn't end as some batty American preacher predicted so we just have to wait out the Mayans to see whether they were really right or whether they were in terminal calendar ennui by 2012.

Keith at Reluctant Housedad is hosting Kate's Listography this week (well last actually, strictly speaking) and his theme is 'Finals'. If the world was to end what would you be doing? Here are mine.

Final Meal

I'd be sitting at The Cliff restaurant in Barbados looking out over the Caribbean Sea. It is the most sublime setting, cut into rocks overhanging the water, amazing food that you eat in tiny little pieces so it lasts forever. I've been lucky enough to eat there several times and each time it just takes my breath away. Everyone should eat there before they die. Oh, and anything on the menu would do

Final View

From Barbados I'd hot foot it to Kenya to spend my last minutes sitting with my loved ones on the Escarpment overlooking the Great Rift Valley. No photo can really fully do justice to the majesty of the Great Rift Valley.  I've been lucky enough to travel all over the world which can give the false impression that the world is really a small place. I remember my first sight of the Great Rift Valley. That's when I understood for the first time how huge it really is.

Final Act

I'd dance and sing loudly as I burn my ironing pile. Simple!

Final Goodbyes

I'd get in touch with all the people I've lost contact with over the years, tell them how sorry I am to be so crap at keeping in touch and let them know how important they have been at various parts of my life

Final Words

Well the end of the world will be lived out through Social Media without a doubt so it would probably be 'how the bloody hell does Twitter work' or, to The Girl, 'Would you forever stop texting....' . Or possibly 'I hope my Mother in Law isn't waiting for us in the hereafter' but it would most likely be something along the lines of 'Oh Crap........Professor Brian was wrong. Never trust a particle physicist with Number 1 Record', although the jury is out as to whether I could actually say 'particle physicist' in the face of my impending demise.

Well you got that a bit wrong, didn't you now?

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Steve said...

What would I be doing? Cynically scoffing and taking the pee, not believing a word of it and then feeling pretty stupid at the very last moment,

Macy said...

Ha! Assuming I could find any pilot not already on a tropical beach, I'd sky dive. Because there's no way I'd dare normally.
Oh yes. And I'd start smoking again. Who's going to nag me?

Perpetua said...

I love Barbados too, Wylye Girl, but I think I'd prefer to be here in our beloved Mid-Wales at the end. With you completely on Final Act and Final Goodbyes, but my Final Words would probably be "Hang on a minute, I'm not quite ready!" :-)

Kitty said...

I want to go to Barbados, just to eat at The Cliff restaurant, now. Wow.

I don't think I'd burn the ironing, but I'd leave it in the dryer until it was bone dry and really wrinkly. Heh, it's going to be destroyed by fire and brimstone, so, what do I care?

Kind regards, Kitty

Donna@MummyCentral said...

GOT to go to Barbados now. It looks amazing. Love the burning of the ironing. Check out my final act of defiance. It involves clothes - or lack of them! x

the fly in the web said...

Cries of'Wait..I haven't turned off the oven and Satan will be waiting for his empanadas..'.

Don't care when or where I die...worry very much about the animals who survive me.

Wylye Girl said...

Steve, but wouldn't we laugh!

Macy, good calls!

Wylye Girl said...

Perpetua, you are a woman after my own heart

Kitty, if I win the Lotto this week, I'll send you the airfare :)

Wylye Girl said...

Donna, thanks for dropping by. I loved your final act of defiance. Not sure I'd want my family's last 'view' to be my lardy arse though. I think they deserve better than that ;))

Fly, never mind Satan's empanadas, can I have some?

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