Monday, June 13, 2011

Share the Lieb

Many thank yous to Hausfrau for very kindly passing on the Liebster Award to me. It's for those small but perfectly formed blogs with less than 100 followers. In the Blogosphere size really doesn't matter and some of the smaller blogs I read punch well above their weight.

Sharing this award is long overdue but unfortunately I've been suffering from 'Intermittent Gadget Outage' which Blogger assures me is not infectious and I can confirm that it certainly isn't as painful as it sounds. It just means that one of your gadgets, in this case the one which shows your followers - and everyone else's, stops working for no apparent reason. Obviously with this particular gadget outage it has meant that I couldn't actually identify those blogs I follow and enjoy which have less than 100 followers.

Anyway, with a dab of cream here and a few pills there, my Followers gadget has now recovered so, here they are, the winners of my particular Liebster award.....

Macy at The View from Macy

Mother Hen at Mother Hen

Sarah at St Bloggie de Riviere

All blogs I thoroughly enjoy reading, even if I don't always get time to comment

So, to you three, newly inducted into the Liebster Hall of Fame, are asked to pass the award on to three of your favourite small blogs (with a link back to me if you wish). Who knows, this time next year, maybe we'll be hanging with the big boys!


Steve said...

You are a worthy winner - even when your gadge is on the fritz.

Wylye Girl said...

Ooh err Steve, you could sooo easily misread that! Thanks nontheless :)

Mother Hen said...

Ahh, thanks Wylye Girl, that's very kind. I will try to do it proud.

hausfrau said...

Just discovered a comment about your son's Bronze DofE experience lurking in a moderation box I didn't know I had: it is duly published! I expect I'll get the hang of blogging eventually - I can't possibly join Twitter!

Sarah said...

Oh cool! Thanks!! Small but perfectly formed (*cough*) I say... (and can't be arsed to do more...).

I've had the gadget outage thing too. Actually I was thinking of putting a new design on my blog, one with three columns like your one. But after much searching (wasting time) I couldn't find one that had a glass of wine on it and three columns so gave up.

Wylye Girl said...

MH, you are very welcome

Hausfrau, don't worry, it's not you, it's me. I only found the post the other day so the comment was very much 'after the event'

Sarah, for some reason I can't comment on your blog from my work computer (do you think it's trying to tell me something?) so I couldn't let you know beforehand but you found out anyway

Ladies you are all worthy winners!

Macy said...

Woo!! I'm chuffed as chips and everything!! Thanks so much Wylye Girl! An award and another couple of blog recommendations to check out!

WV is "pally" how's that for spooky?

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