Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kenneth Tong - D*ckhead Extraordinaire!

Just when I thought that Jade Goody (gawd rest 'er soul) was the worst possible thing to come out of Big Brother, that bastion of all that is good and pure in this great country.... not, along comes Kenneth Tong, late of Hong Kong, contestant in BB10 apparently, international playboy (according to him), alleged cheater of charities, alleged sex pest and champion of 'managed anorexia'. Yes, you heard me right, managed anorexia. This is apparently what you need to do to achieve his idea of perfection, a size zero.

For the past few days, the rather dimwitted Mr Tong has been flooding Twitter with tweets about his new Size Zero slimming pill, apparently to be stocked by Harrods.  This is, I should say, news to them and they have categorically denied it.

Take Mr Tong's tablets and you can change you life, he says. You sure can. They are, in fact, tablets meant for asthmatic horses, not passed for human use by either the FDA in the US or the Medicine Control Agency in the UK. Take them and you'll change your life for good, better still, you really will get thin. The only problem is that you'll be decomposing because you'll most likely be dead.

According to Mr Tong, fat women are failures and every woman longs to be a size zero.  Happiness is a size zero. What? Like Nicole Ritchie, who single-handedly does more for the US rehab industry than any other person but never mind, she's a size zero you know!

Some of his more 'sage' tweets include

Thankful for this global opportunity to help girls all over the world know that to be skinny is to be perfect & to be fat is unacceptable.

Hope my size zero & managed anorexia message gets global; thin people too busy being successful whilst the fat hate and just ate.

As readers will know, I'm no fan of slebs, but in this case they get the thumbs up. Stars as diverse as Rihanna (who Mr Tong suggested might benefit from his Size Zero pills), Aggro Santos and Rochelle Wiseman of The Saturdays have heavily criticised him.  Mr Drongo contacted Simon Cowell to join his Size Zero campaign, probably reasoning that as he'd employed the emaciated Mrs David Beckham (who's weight is a barometer of the state of her marriage) as a guest judge on American Idol.  Simon Cowell responded "Twitter has a new village idiot. In fact he doesn't even deserve the village. He's an idiot.".  Crashed and burned, Mr Tong! Curiously Mrs B is reported to have refused to use size zero models in her fashion shows while looking like this......

In reply to a former anorexic who criticised his beliefs, the slimy Mr Tong replied "I read you essay. Well done on your desire to be size zero but had your anorexia been managed you'd have been fine". I mean what a total.... a total.... I really can't find a word that does my feeling of disgust for Mr Tong justice. Well done on your mental illness, boy, he's something else!

Mr Tong tells us that 'managed anorexia is a lifestyle, not a diet'. WRONG, Mr Tong, anorexia is a mental illness.

One of my neighbours as a child was anorexic. I shall never forget her constantly bleeding heels and the metal cage she had to sleep under as just the weight of the blankets rubbed her bones through her skin. Nor her death at the age of 32 leaving three young children without their mother.  One of my schoolmates developed anorexia after a very traumatic childhood. I shall never forget the weekly letters she sent to the class during the six months that she was confined to a mental hospital - this was long before the days of specialist food disorder units - and her irrepresible humour in the face of her hideous surroundings, nor when she was finally allowed back to school and was still so thin and weak that she could barely walk. This is the reality of anorexia.

Isabelle Caro is the reality of anorexia. This is what it did to her.

French model Isabelle Caro before
she lost her battle with anorexia

And when she appeared in an ad
campaign following the death of an Italian model
from anorexia

This is what size zero looks like. Size zero is the average waist size of an 8 year old

Nicole Ritchie - looks happy doesn't she!

Size Zero model - shame on the fashion industry

This is Rihanna, who Mr Tong thinks is fat

Who do you think is most beautiful?

As the mother of a teenage daughter, I am more than aware of the constant diet of sleb mags who, while claiming to support the drive to make girls happy with their body shape regardless, still run pieces on X's cellulite and 'OMG look how much weight Y has put on! There is constant pressure on young girls to conform to an unrealistic body shape.

The Girl is just 13 and pushing 5'8. She takes after my mother who had a body like Rita Hayworth, full bust, nipped in waist, curvy hips. In years to come she'll realise just how lucky she is to have a body like this, topped off with almost waist length blonde hair and blue eyes. I think she's beautiful. At 13 she would rather be 5 foot, flat chested and a stick insect like most of her friends. She's too intelligent to want to be like the girl singers she loves but at the same time, as an adolescent who towers over her classmates, all she wants is a bit less of everything. 

I watch her constantly for any signs that she may be tending towards reducing her food intake.  Recently, she started leaving half the food on her plate and skipping meals. During the chaos of the run up to Christmas it went unnoticed until my mother picked up on it. It's no cause for concern just yet but we are keeping an eye on it. But that's how easily it can creep up on you and the likes of the vile Mr Tong just feed into it.  She's lucky, she has a close, loving family and parents who keep an eye on her but supposing she didn't. Suppose she had parents who worked full time and who weren't around for meal times, or who just didn't care? How easily will young girls get sucked into his revolting size zero world? Isn't there enough pressure on young girls today without an ignorant, self-seeking, poor excuse for a human being like him offering them dangerous, possibly fatal drugs with the promise of dropping 3 dress sizes in 3 weeks.  This is weight, incidentally, that will go straight back on once you stop taking the pills.

On the one hand, I was loathe to give any further publicity to this pathetic, mysogynistic little man, a man who apparently tweets photos of his restaurant bills and details of his sexual conquests, but on the other hand, I'm rather hoping that Mr Tong's desire for self-publicity might seriously backfire when he finds that he is the most loathed man on the planet.

Kenneth Tong... what a tosser!

UPDATE:  The stupid little weasel has now announced that it was all a hoax to see if he could become a global talking point within a week by harnessing the power of Twitter.  It was, in his words, 'a scientific survey'.  Well, that makes it alright then doesn't it? Well no, not really.  There is nothing big or clever about using mental illness to further his own deluded idea of his own importance.  Nor is there anything 'scientific' about it.  My own personal feeling is that he suddenly found being the biggest pillock in the Northern Hemisphere was a pretty lonely place so he backed down. It's easy to become a talking point by saying something disgusting and outrageous, by making fun of mental illness and by targetting an issue that is very sensitive to many young girls.  More difficult would have been to have garnered the same amount of publicity by saying something intelligent.  As I said before, Kenneth Tong... what a tosser!


Steve said...

I'm not a fan of violence but Mr Tong should be horsewhipped through every major town in the UK, pilloried, and displayed in a cage with the words "Stupid and dangerous" hung round his neck. He needs, in common parlance, a good kicking. He should not be given media attention. He is sad, desperate, misinformed little ferret who is grossly illusioned as to his importance and relevance to modern, intelligent society. I sincerely hope he OD's on his own pills.

Dumdad said...


I've closed my blog and opened a new one, also called The Other Side of Paris. This is my new home:

Wylye Girl said...

Steve, he is, indeed, a poor excuse for humanity. I read a comment on another blog from a 16 year old girl who is a size 9 (size 0 in the UK is Size 4) and said that maybe if she took these pills she'd be more 'accepted'. How sad is that? This is why this idiot is so dangerous

Dumdad, thanks for letting me know. I'll update my blogroll

The Vegetable Assassin said...

I always wonder at what point society switched in their idea of female perfection from from "slender but womanly" to "stick thin and emaciated". It's truly horrendous how skinny actresses and models are these days. Half the girls you see in movies look skinny on the big screen and if they look tiny there, you bet your ass they look OBSCENELY tiny if you see them in the street. All those old sex symbols from the sixties and before are all beautiful and womanly and perfect, yet not many of them were size 2 or zero.

On top of all that, you get them in magazines and they airbrush them even tinier and take out any imperfection. I can't imagine the pressure of being a teenage girl nowadays having to live up to those unreal and frightening expectations.

Being on the other side of the pond I don't know who that tool Tong is, but I know enough to know that he's a twat.

Sarah said...

The man is a dangerous lunatic. It's a disgrace he's getting so much air time. Free speech is one thing, promoting the delusions of lunatic fools is quite another.

They should rename size zero 'skeletal'. Okay, so who wants to be skeletal..?

Wylye Girl said...

Veggie, that's all you really need to know about the man, he's a twat through and through. I had never heard of him before this. I don't watch Big Brother or any of the other reality dross that we are fed as entertainment. It was only when my daughter showed me what was happening on Twitter that I first heard his name. I put a lot of the blame squarely on the cult of slebrity that is pervading the Western world. Fat actresses rarely get jobs, fat models are virtually unheard of. When French Vogue ran an edition featuring plus sized models (we're talking a UK size 16 here) on the cover French women reacted with disgust, calling them obese and unhealthy, before returning to their diet of water and full strenth cigarettes.

Wylye Girl said...

Sarah, I was loathe to give the man any more publicity but he is offering to hand out these potentially lethal drugs to impressionable young girls, even FREE to the first few who contact him, and I sincerely hope that all the publicity will bring him to the attention of the relevant authorities. I contacted Harrods to check his (false) claim that they will sell these pills and suggesting that they might want to distance themselves from him. Perhaps they will have sufficient clout to do something. There have been hundreds of complaints to Twitter asking for his account to be closed so perhaps public outrage can do something to silence this loathesome litte man. You can but hope.

Sarah said...

You'd think elfansafety would get their eager hands on him. If he's selling illegal drugs, they'll be delighted to call in the police too.

I saw that Posh is preggers again. I kinda hope she doesn't have a daughter although that's what they want. What hope would that child have with skeletal Posh as mum?

Wylye Girl said...

Sarah, yes she is apparently. Must have been IVF. She's so thin I can't believe she still has periods. I shall be posting a few ideas for names shortly.... :)

the fly in the web said...

Were you to dress these female skeletons in striped pyjamas you could imagine they had just been released from a concentration camp...I bet that comparison would bring a bit of reality into things.

Lou said...

Pleased to say I have no idea who Tong is, what a revolting little person he sounds. Cutting off his Tweets (and I mean that in BOTH ways Fnarr! Fnarr!)sounds the best thing to do.

When I hear about yucky people I fantasise having the sills of a computer hacker, (like on the movies,) so I could sureptitiously and invisibly ruin their lives; adding huge debts to credit cards and erasing phone and utility contracts. That'd keep them too busy to make mischief! (Get how bitter I can be!!)

Wylye Girl said...

Fly, I've seen more meat on staving people in Africa. I find something rather distasteful in spoilt Westerners starving themselves when so many people in the world genuinely don't have enough to eat.

Lou, sadly my hacking skills are barely even there but I know what you mean. The little weasel thinks he's come up smelling of roses as this was actually only a 'scientific survey' (my arse!) but has overlooked the fact that he is clearly such a heinous individual that people did actually believe it. FAIL!

auntiegwen said...

I taught teenage girls and was always horrified at their attitude to food. My own girls both think they in their own words are "chubby" both sixe 8!!!!! Jaysus it would make you weep

Wylye Girl said...

Auntie - a more intelligent person than Mr Tong would understand just how dangerous comments like his are, whether as part of a 'scientific' survey or just because he's a publicity-seeking toadie. Chubby at size 8... oh I wish!

Mother Hen said...

I am a home mom and watch my 14 year old daughter like a hawk because she thinks size 6 is big! Mr Tong has it wrong!
My Daughter loves Rhiana as a role model and I would be really sorry to see R ever ending up looking like those skeletons you posted because so many teenage girls would follow suit.
What a sad world when our little girls can't feel happy with themselves. I've expressed concern myself on my blog. The pressure can be unbareable.

Wylye Girl said...

Mother Hen, hello and a warm welcome to my blog. I couldn't agree more with your comments. It's so tough to be a young girl these days, particularly if you are one that doesn't conform to the 'norm' whatever that is. My daughter fortunately loves Rihanna and Beyonce, both of whom are very healthy weights so I make sure to comment positively on them. I shall pop over to your blog very soon.

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