Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ready for bed...

Since we came back from France, The Boy, all six foot four of him, has been squashed into a single bed, his lovely antique French bed having met an untimely end during our move back to the UK. So he was delighted when I was contacted on behalf of Furniture Choice, an online furniture retailer, to ask if I was interested in reviewing a bed with a double mattress for them.  They gave me a budget of £400 for a bed of my choice. 'Me, Me', he shouted,  followed rapidly by 'Kingsize please' and as the only member of the family really in need of a new bed it seemed a no-brainer.

It has been a while since I bought a new bed so I wasn't sure what I could buy for £400, and the answer was quite a lot. The range of beds on Furniture Choice's website was surprisingly good, even for a kingsize one and for the money we could even get a memory foam mattress. We eventually settled on the Supreme Vasco King Size Memory Foam Divan which came in a shade over £50 under budget.

Ordering was painless and the manufacturer phoned me direct to arrange delivery. I was given a day that suited me and a morning delivery slot, with the promise that the delivery driver would call when he was half an hour away to confirm a more exact time. Well within the time slot, the phone call arrived and the delivery time was firmed up.

Delivery, thankfully, was not kerbside, as so many companies do these days, and when the drivers arrived, they went through the house, tracing the route to the boy's bedroom and took down any paintings or mirrors that were hanging on the walls to avoid any damage then carried the bed and base upstairs and put it where we wanted it.

The Boy was spurred into action in a way that is rare these days and started to unpack it before the pictures were back up and the back door shut.  The construction of the bed was pretty solid and the mattress looked really comfortable. The base came in two parts which were easy to fit together and we had the bed set up with the castors in within  ten minutes.

The Boy has now been sleeping in his new bed for a few weeks. It is incredibly comfortable and he loves it. As far as value for money goes, it is excellent.  The only tiny complaint I would make is that the base that came was not the one I was expecting. I had ordered one with drawers but the base that was delivered didn't have any. The company did offer to change it though but by that time, The Boy had managed to cut his foot and bleed on it so it wasn't really returnable. On the plus side though, the blood stain sponged out well.

The health benefits of a good night's sleep are well documented and the most recent research, from the University of Berkeley, claims that couples who sleep well are less selfish and more appreciative of their partner. Now that can't be bad thing! Furniture Choice has a huge range of beds in all sizes, from single to super kingsize and from budget to luxury. They even offer free delivery. They stock the big brands there as well as some lesser known ones, and a great range of mattresses from coil spring to memory foam. If you need a new bed try checking out their website first. If you aren't ready to buy yet, sign up to their newsletter and you'll be the first to hear about any new offers. You never know, you might suddenly decide you do need a new bed after all.


Sarah said...

Wow, you'd get nothing decent for the equivalent of £400 in France. I had to pay €750 just for my mattress!

Wylye Girl said...

Tell me about it Sarah. When had to completely refurnish our house in France last summer and it was actually £300 per bed cheaper to buy them over here and ship them over in a van. This bed was far better quality than some much more expensive ones I saw in France

dinahmow said...

I thought this was going to be like that old fairy tale about the lumpy mattress keeping the princess awake...
Nice to know some companies still understand service and quality.

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