Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Stylish Mum? Moi?

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Mint Velvet, an online fashion retailer, telling me about an exciting new feature on their website, Mums in Style, and asked me if I'd like to join.

Apparently it's for women 'who believe that being a mum doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style and plays (sic) homage to those mums who arrive at the school gate looking effortlessly cool (even if they've been knee deep in Marmite, unfinished homework and floods of tears 5 minutes earlier).'

At the bottom of the e-mail are photos of ubercool, stylish mums showing off their effortless coolness.

My own particular style as I read the e-mail was a pair of jean, a pyjama top and a shower cap... but it was effortless though possibly not that cool.

As far as arriving at the school gate, in the days when I did, it was often in my pyjamas, wearing the Marmite down my front and the tears were usually mine.

I don't personally subscribe to the Yummy Mummy idea, god knows, just being a parent these days is hard enough without setting yourself impossible goals of lipstick and mascara but I must say Mint Velvet does have a few nice threads which, were I to want to try and transform my own very personal and slightly crumpled style into something more upmarket, would no doubt help me on my road to being a schoolgate fashion icon.

To be honest, I think the best thing that any parent can ask for is to get through the day with the same number of children as they started off with, never mind all the alphamummy- induced competitiveness that seems rife these days. Why do you have to be a stylish mum? Can't you just be a mum?  When your kids grow up do you really want them to say 'my childhood was crap but at least my mother always looked good'?

When we took our recent extended family holiday (from hell - ooops, did I really say that?) we accidentally found ourselves on 'Boden' beach, stuffed full of husbands barking wankspeak down their mobile phones while their gym-toned wives urged their high-achieving offspring, Xander and  Allegra, to build a better sandcastle than that family a bit further down the beach before they headed off to do a bit more revision for their SATs (which they'd be taking in a few years timne). Mummy could then dash off and take in a quick spinning class - am I the only one who doesn't get spinning? Why on earth would you sit on a stationary bike and peddle like buggery rather get on a proper bike and go for a nice ride in the country? Meanwhile Daddy would set up yet another hedge fund and teach Xander the ins and outs of the stock market using the new LeapPad 'How to Fleeced the Taxpayer' game.

A little bit of competitiveness is a good thing and should be encouraged but the lengths that some people go to these days to try and assert their superiority over their fellow man is really quite ridiculous. It's time we were all just ourselves.  There are far bigger problems in the world than whether or not Fellatia's mother turned up without the full slap on and wearing M&S rather than Joseph.

my a**e!

NB. This is not a sponsored post. I haven't received any payment from Mint Velvet - but I think I probably should!


Dumdad said...

"full of husbands barking wankspeak down their mobile phones"

Ha, ha, how so very true!

Perpetua said...

I'm not sure I've ever achieved real stylishness in my life, Wylye Girl, but if I have it certainly wasn't in the days when mornings were a mad blur of finding lost homework and gym bags before throwing the children in through the school gates and racing off to work. It didn't help that school and work were in opposite directions. I was sometimes lucky if I arrived at work fully dressed!

the fly in the web said...

Oh the horror of it....bankers breeding more bankers....someone should put bromide in their sparkling water.

Steve said...

Hear hear. If I don't want to shave for 5 days that's up to me. Doesn't mean I am not a yummy dad, does it?

hausfrau said...

Never going to make it as a yummy mummy, I just hope not to embarrass my girls more than necessary!

Carol said...

Yup, people spent waaay too much time worrying about what others think of them! What is inside is so much more important than what we look like on the outside!

Anyway, I popped over to wish you a very merry Christmas and I hope that 2012 is one full of laughter, love and happiness.

C x

Wylye Girl said...

Dumdad, it is isn't it!

Perpetua, I know the feeling!

Fly, now there's an idea!

Wylye Girl said...

Steve, I think that just makes you normal!

Hausfrau, I think a little bit of embarrassment is character forming ;-)

Carol, they most certainly do. And all the best for the festive season to you too x

Iota said...

Yay, yes, hooray, alleluia! I rather agree with you.

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