Friday, May 10, 2013

Review: Ultrathin Clear iPhone5 case from The Snugg

The nice people at The Snugg ( or depending on where you are) asked me to review an iPhone 5 case for them. Pretty ideal as The Girl had just got a new iPhone 5. They do a good range of products from a premium leather pouch to a more basic clear plastic one as well as iPad and Kindle cases, covers for all manner of tablets and a rather natty Ipod clip case.

The cover they sent me was the Ultrathin Clear iPhone 5 case. It seemed fairly robust and clicked into place on the phone easily. The fit was good and nothing was obscured as is often the case. Unfortunately, The Girl dropped it on the kitchen floor and while it did a great job of protecting the phone, which does apparently break very easily, the case itself cracked so maybe not quite as robust as I thought. The Snugg does offer a lifetime guarantee on it's products which you can get by registering your purchase on their website so had this not been a review product, I could have returned it for a no quibbles replacement.

A good basic case but probably worth spending a bit more to get one that is more durable. If you are into all that techy stuff, you can follow their blog here


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