Monday, August 6, 2012

Dear Monsieur Hollande...

As we go into the second week of  NotTheParisOlympicsYetAgain 2012, I can't help but think that maybe the French president, Francois Hollande, is rather wishing he'd kept his mouth shut when he visited the games last week.

As he joined David Cameron for one of the handball matches, he couldn't help but gloat over France's superior medal tally, rather patronisingly commenting that he would put France's medals into a 'European' pot so us Brits could be proud to be Europeans.

What a difference a week makes. With Team GB sat in third place in the medal tables, comfortably separated from France by a country which eats dog - as one spoof news website said - it is probably Monsieur Hollande who will be begging for Britain's superior haul of medals to be added to his European pot. Smugness never befits a politician and has a funny way of coming right round and biting you on the derriere. 

We don't need to be proud to be Europeans, Monsieur Hollande. We're very proud to be British. Go Team GB!

Were are all zee French medals? Zut alors, zay win ze Tour de France
and now zay whoop our sorry derrieres in ze medal tables


the fly in the web said...

You've lived know how it is...

If it's French they gloat, if it's not they want their cut all the same...and the British cyclists only won because they are using 'different' wheels....and the British rowers are cheats....
Takes me really does!

And have you seen the row about Hollande going on a 'normal' holiday by TGV (with his official plane following with the luggage) relax in his presidential pile on the Med on garden furniture with 200 Euro a piece cushions - made in and remembering the emphasis on revitalising the French economy - Spain.

Quite a horrible little man.

Sarah said...

I was saying exactly that to my mother last night and having a right old laugh.

He certainly spoke too soon, and should have checked the stats from Beijing to see how good we are at cycling and sailing before he put his foot in it.

What a prat.

Carol said...

I'm guessing that was his retaliation for Cameron coming out in support of Sarkozy in the election! Not good politics...from either of them!

C x

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