Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If This is What Equality Means You Can Keep It

The OECD has published it's 2012 Better Life Index, also known as the Happiness Index, ranking countries by the quality of life its inhabitants enjoy. The UK scored pretty well, coming 12th out of 37 countries, ahead of countries like Germany, France and Spain, who came 17th, 18th and 19th respectively, so all those people who left the UK for a better life might be a little disappointed.

Australia was ranked the happiest, good news for my lovely friend Lyndsey, who is emigrating to New South Wales in July (don't go, we'll miss you. I mean, what's happiness anyway?)

Looking at the data for the UK, it was interesting to see that women live longer,are better educated and happier than the men - although despite all the strides towards housework equality, women still do more than double the men. Come on boys, it's time to get to know your Dyson!

For the first time, it also breaks the information down along age lines and while older women are less likely to have a secondary education, the trend is reversed in younger women. 59% of women have jobs, including part-time ones compared to men of whom 72% work but at the same time, they are far more likely to report working 'very long hours'.

Meanwhile, men are 15% more likely to have been mugged and the murder rate among men is three times higher than that among women. And the ones that don't get mugged or murdered have a shorter life expectancy by about three years. At the same time, women report feeling less safe than men so are we just a bit neurotic or is it that 'Daily Mail' effect again?

So, it seems that if we want to be truly equal to men, we'll have to accept working much longer hours, having a higher risk of being murdered or assaulted and live a shorter life. Personally, I'd rather have the housework!

Must be French!


Steve said...

I think I might get in touch with my feminine side...

the fly in the web said...

Hooted at the photograph and caption!

Mother Hen said...

I love the blogs new look. And English men are sounding a bit sad.

Sarah said...

I don't want any of that sort of equality either ta.

My eldest son did say a couple of weeks ago that he has 'a perfect life' where we live (and thus does not want to go an live with pops) so at least one French(/Brit) person is happy. :)

Neal... said...

Could it be that men suggesting that housework is a woman's job is one of the factors that increases men's chances of being a victim of murder or violent assault?

Wylye Girl said...

Steve, on the face of it, a good move

Fly, I was feeling hate towards my French builder and took it out via captions

Mother Hen, thanks. Don't know what happened to the old template, it just upped and left so I had to find me a new one

Sarah, well done to your son for bumping up the French stats - and it's good that he feels that his life is perfect

Neal, you could be onto something there

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