Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Rugby World Cup Facial Hair of Shame Award

Facial hair seems to be in abundance in this year's Rugby World Cup with everything from the 'I model myself on George Michael' look to 'Amish is cool'. Here are my nominations for the RWC Facial Hair of Shame Award. Who do you think should get it?

1. Lionel Nallet - France

 First on my list is 'Les Bleus' Lionel Nallet. Not exactly off the pages of French Vogue is he? He's a bit more 'Homeless People 'r' Us.

2.  Maxime Medard - France

What's this? Another 'Bleu'?  This time it's Maxime Medard. I like retro, sometimes retro is good, but Medard's 70s style mutton chops are just crying out for a razor

3.  Dan Cole - England

Ginger beards are just a great big no-no. Nuff said.

4.  Adam Jones - Wales

Just wrong. Wrong on so many fronts

5.  Cornelius Van Zyl - Italy (yes, Italy)

Sporting a fine 'Italian' name and a patchy, straggly beard, Cornelius is one of many from the Italian team who could have made the list

6.  Natani Edward Talei - Fiji

I mean, really, is it worth it?

7.  Adam Kleeburger - Canada

From one extreme to the other, Adam's 'Amish is The New Black' beard is so impressive it's even been trending on Twitter. Sadly, for his legions of beard fans he plans to shave it off after the Rugby World Cup.

8.  Pat Danahy - USA

Although it may look like a fake, stuck on beard, I am reliably informed that it is, in fact, real

9.  Vladimir Botvinnikov - Russia

There's no hiding that Brucie chin on our Vlad

10.  Jebb Sinclair - Canada

For the final candidate we are back to Canada, to Jebb Sinclair, seen here sporting 'My Mom and Dad are Cousins' look

So, who gets your vote?

Coming soon... The Rugby World Cup Donald Trump Bad Hair Day Award and the Rugby World Cup Most Messed Up Face Award

P.S Thanks to the RWC Official Site for the photos. I've probably breached your copyright but if that's the case please send the All Blacks to do a Haka in my lounge. I promise to be very frightened....


Steve said...

Adam Kleeburger - I always wondered what happened to Grizzly Adams...

This Mid 30s Life said...

What a fabulous post.

Lionel is hot, beard or no beard. That's not just me is it??

Wylye Girl said...

Steve - I'm actually starting to grow quite fond of Kleeberger's beard. Weird or what?

TM30L - err, actually I think it's just you....

the fly in the web said...

The Scotland XV could have grown everything from a Franz Joseph to a chin beard as far as I was concerned...if only they had kept their heads against Argentina and england.
Off to dilute the whisky with the habitual tears of a follower of the St. Andrew's cross...
And they wonder why alcohol is such a problem in Scotland!

Wylye Girl said...

Fly,it was a cruel defeat for Scotland but England have previous for this sort of thing. To be honest leaving the match saving try/drop goal/penalty until two minutes before the end is quite early for them. Usually it's about 30 seconds before the whistle. If France plays as atrociously as they did today against Tonga then I really fancy our chances for the semis

Macy said...

Dan Cole should get the special "Best Impersonation of Henry VIII" award.

And now I'm like Fly in the to drown sorrows. For the same reason

Elaine said...

Great post! Beards and rugby don't really seem to go together for some reason. I think my vote for the worst one goes to Adam Kleeburger, closely followed by Dan Cole - who looks like a candidate for Capt'n Birds Eye - perhaps he's thinking of a change of career.
I agree with Fly in the Web re Scotland - another defeat snatched from the jaws of victory. Poor Scotland... I thought they might just have been able to hang on to a victory, even if not to a place in the quarter finals. :(

Mother Hen said...

I was stunned when I got to Canada and had to stop there! I don't think there are scissors big enough! What must his mother think??

Trish @ Mum's Gone To ... said...

Laughing at your PS while husband still in mourning for his poor team; "It's not easy being a Scotland fan" he says.

Sarah said...

It's so difficult to choose. Lionel Nallet just looks a scruff. If Adam Kleeburger is going to shave it after the competition, I'll ignore him, although he looks totally mental.

I think Jebb Sinclair looks spooky with his beard. None of them are doing themselves any favours in the pull-a-chick line. More push than pull!

Wylye Girl said...

Mother Hen, what indeed!

Trish, I'm still waiting and hoping. Sorry to your husband and all my other Scottish readers but you know, this is rugby!

Wylye Girl said...

Macy, it's a pretty good one. He could start a second career as a Henry impersonator. What can I say about the match...... except the best team won Mwahahahahahahaaaaaa! :-)

Elaine, I just wonder what goes on in the scrum with all that long facial hair. It used to be that the hooker and props wouldn't shave so they could use their stubble to grind into the faces of the opposition but with all that lot....?

Anonymous said...

Meddard's sideburns are the best and kleerburger's beard can grow on you, pardon the pun.

Anonymous said...

Meddard's sideburns are the best and kleerburger's beard can grow on you, pardon the pun.

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